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Pool pictures

I wanted to post some cute pictures of the kids in the pool, we absolutely love it! James has done very well in it, I think it will be good therapy for him.

James trying to get his cousin's hair!

James trying to get his cousin's hair!

Jessica helping James float around

Jessica helping James float around

James with his cousins!

James with his cousins!




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Happy Friday!



James went to his cardiologist yesterday for a follow-up echocardiogram. His ASD is still present, it is now only 5mm which is about half the size since his last check-up. Also, his enlarged heart is getting smaller, so we got lots of good news. Dr. Boone said to follow-up in about 6 months to check on things again. He is the nicest doctor, Jeremy and me really like him!

It is just a couple of weeks until his birthday party, I have been busy thinking of some ideas for his party, I can’t wait! Hopefully our pool will be ready soon for it, our replacement liner should be here in the next week or so. I found him a big, cool dumptruck (Tonka) that I am going to fill with chocolate dirt cake, and I am also going to make him a little cake for him to tear into. Our friend’s baby, Raegan, will be 1 tomorrow, so we are going to her birthday party and will hopefully have a nice weekend.

Today is the first day of babysitting my nephews for the summer, they are 10 and 12. I’m supposed to watch them 1 day a week for my sister,from about 7am-4pm. I thought it would be crazy having 5 kids and 2 dogs by myself, but it went okay, the kids played good together and we took a trip to the park ( it is 75 and sunny today, just beautiful!) I am wore out, and wish I could take a nap, but that’s not gonna happen!

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Sweet new pictures

These are 2 of my favorite pictures of James.


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Derby Day!

We made these super cute horse cookies to celebrate Derby Day. The kids loved it (and so did I) and we gave some out to our neighbors, and kept some for ourselves. Afterwards, we went to a Derby Party and my horse won! I drew it from a $2 jackpot and won $38, not a whole lot, but I was still excited about it!049047

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Happy Easter!

026This has been a very busy holy week. I worked on both Tuesday and Wednesday at the hospital and it was soo busy! My co-worker Lauren had her baby, Mia, on Wednesday. Her baby ended up going to the NICU for a pulmonary hemorrhage, so scary! All of us at work have been praying real hard for Mia to get healthy, it is so sad having a baby in the NICU! We went to mass last night, and will go again tonight and on Sunday morning. The girls and I went shoe shopping at Target today, and they both got a cute pair of white sandals and some pink jellies. Ava told her daddy (on the phone), that she got a new pair of “jellyfish.” They were so excited in the shoe aisle, just like their mommy! I also got some last minute goodies for their Easter baskets. My neighbor Jamie, brought over a cute handmade basket for James, I will have to take a picture, it is so sweet. She made some for the girls for their first Easter, too. We dyed our eggs yesterday, the girls loved that. Tonight, after mass, we are going to help decorate our church, and then in the morning we have a pancake breakfast at Beef O’Brady’s, and an Easter Egg hunt at my work in the afternoon. We also have to prepare our food tomorrow, to bring to Shelbyville for our Easter get together. After that, we’ll go to Jeremy’s parents for a get together. Happy Easter!

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My wish list

I think this might be an expensive year this year. I was telling Jeremy some of the things I was wanting this year such as sending Ava to preschool this fall, buying a member’s pass to the Louisville Zoo,and purchasing a swingset for the backyard! He told me it was a good thing he just got a raise! We also wanted to do some updates to our home this year. We want to add a bathroom to our basement ( we have 1 tiny bathroom in our house now), we want to insulate our home, and we want to redo our front porch ( which looks awful now, the former owners painted the concrete, and it is peeling like crazy!) I don’t know if we will be able to do all these things this year, but it is on our wish list!

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Henry’s Ark


the angel duck
the angel duck

At our last trip to Henry’s Ark, we saw this beautiful white peacock. Ava was in awe, and said “Look at the beautiful Angel Duck!”

the bad goose

the bad goose

This emu decided to tag along with us for awhile, and I have to admit it made me nervous, but he just wanted us for our crackers and cereal! Ava kept telling me to tell the “bad goose” to go away, but eventually she learned it was called an emu. She is so funny!
James enjoying being strolled around!

James enjoying being strolled around!

The kids and I love visiting this farm, called Henry’s Ark. We go several times a year, and it is totally free and only about half an hour away from our house. The farm houses alot of animals who were injured or needed a home, they have deer,elk,water buffalo, camels, zebras, pacybaras, porcupines, llamas, sheep, goats,donkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits,emu,peacocks, turkeys. I didn’t even know you could raise all those animals in Kentucky!

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Happy Birthday Abigail!

I wanted to wish a very happy birthday to my sweetie Abigail, who is 2 years old today! We took a trip to McDonald’s today for lunch, the kids had a blast, and did not want to leave ofcourse! Yesterday, we threw her a big birthday party at our house. It was a success, our little house was quite crowded though. I made her an elmo cake, and Jeremy got some balloons for her, so she was very excited about that. She opened so many presents, she just ignored the last few things, so I had to open them for her. Ava was very excited about helping her play with her presents ( she wanted to share, she would say!) James slept through most of the party, I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the people and a little cranky due to teething, so he took a nice long nap in his crib. He wore his UofL outfit yesterday, and the cards won again, so Go Cards!

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Hello world!

James Patrick 7 months old!

James Patrick 7 months old!

This is the first entry to my first blog!  My source of inspiration for this is my baby James and my other 2 kids, Ava (3) and Abigail (almost 2). I thought it would be fun to keep track of things. James was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when I was only 5 months pregnant with him. It turned my world upside down, along with my husband Jeremy. We had a long year with a lot of ups and downs, so I am excited to start a fresh new year. James is doing so good now, he is 7 months old, corrected age 5 months. He is so loved by us and his sisters and all our family. He was born on June 18th 2008, and was 2 months premature due to his hydrocephalus and my pre-eclampsia. His apgar scores were 4 and 8. He weighed 4 lb 5 oz. and was 16 inches long and his head circumference was 37cm. He spent 2 long months at Kosair Children’s hospital and we brought him home 1 day after his due date on August 14th. He underwent 2 surgeries for his hydrocephalus along with many other things that preemies go through. He did learn to breastfeed after me pumping for 2 months for him and is still nursing well. He is a source of inspiration for us. Before I get off here, today is my husband’s 28th birthday, so Happy Birthday Jeremy!

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