James is 15 months

Wow, it has been awhile since I have updated my blog! I have been busy on facebook ( I am addicted!) James had his 15 month check-up today, he weighed in at 18-13. He is still on the small side, but is doing well, he has been healthy and happy. He is getting 2 big molars in right now. His new milestone is saying Mama and he can sit by himself for a few minutes at a time. Today is his big sister’s 4th birthday, Happy Birthday Ava! We celebrated at Chuck E Cheese with some friends.



My birthday girl!

My birthday girl!


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All is well!

Yesterday James had his 1 year check-up, and the doctors seemed very pleased with him. He weighed in at 17pounds 12 ounces, so still not on the growth chart yet, but he made it on his height at the 5%. He has been sleeping through the night until about 7:45 in the morning, and I think he is starting to wean himself slowly from nursing. He got 3 shots yesterday and a cbc to check his iron level. He was grumpy yesterday evening, I don’t blame him, but he is in a great mood today, just playing up a storm. We have been putting him in his playpen at times during the day due to him rolling all over the place ( especially around the fireplace and hearth, he loves to look at his reflection in the glass doors!) He doesn’t seem to mind being in there, as long as we’re in the room. We have had a terrific summer so far, and are looking very forward to our Destin Beach trip coming up in a couple of weeks! James and Abigail had their pictures done last week, here are some of them.








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James’ Birthday Party!!

James on his birthday night.

James on his birthday night.

My little guy is 1 year old now, it is hard to believe it! We celebrated his birthday on Thursday by letting him have his own little cake, and we had his party on Saturday. Everything went great, it was pretty hot outside, but thank goodness no rain ( it rained and stormed all week before!) We probably had about 40 people over and we would’ve had more, except some of the people we invited had to work or were on vacation.  Jeremy made some really good pork barbeque, and I made James some “dirt cake” which I put inside his Tonka dump truck, it turned out really cute!  I made him his own little cake and some minature choc. cupcakes with blue icing. He LOVED his cake, and got extremely messy. All the kids that came over really enjoyed the pool, including some of us big kids! We had a great day, and a great reason to celebrate. Love you James!

James visiting with Papa Dennis

James visiting with Papa Dennis


What a messy little boy!

What a messy little boy!


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Pool pictures

I wanted to post some cute pictures of the kids in the pool, we absolutely love it! James has done very well in it, I think it will be good therapy for him.

James trying to get his cousin's hair!

James trying to get his cousin's hair!

Jessica helping James float around

Jessica helping James float around

James with his cousins!

James with his cousins!



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Yay, the pool is open!

After a long weekend of hard work, we got our pool open! The kids are so excited ( and so am I). James went in the pool for the first time today, he really liked  it! I will have to post pictures soon!

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Current like and dislikes

018Ava’s current favorite things are puzzles, games, and pretend play. She does not watch movies as much as she used to, instead she likes watching cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Spongebob and ICarly. She changes clothes several times a day ( as if we don’t have enough laundry to worry about!)  and likes to be independent. She loves going to different people’s houses, having sleepovers with her grandparents, helping me cook and clean. She does not like getting up early, plain milk, and going to bed at night! She is a sassy little stinker at times and can be sweet as pie one minute and moody the next!

Abigail is so different than Ava, except she does like to mimic her at times! She is generally sweet, happy, and easygoing, but she gets revenge on Ava at times! She has the biggest, brownest eyes  I’ve ever seen and pretty blonde curls down to her shoulders. She still misses her pacifier, and loves lots of blankets, but most of all her sheepie blanket. She loves her movies Peter Pan, Strawberry Shortcake, and Barbie Rapunzel. When she doesn’t want something at a certain time, she calls it “bad.” She wants to wear her bathing suit just about everyday and is superexcited about swimming this summer (good thing Jeremy is opening the pool today). She has a great appetite, and especially loves fruit, gummie snacks, popsicles and suckers. She like to call herself Austin for some reason,   I guess she likes that name! She still has no interest in potty training, she tells me she wants her diaper on! She does not like going to bed and getting up early like Ava.

James is the best baby! He is happy about 90% of the time, and is usually just fussy when he is tired or wants to nurse. He still loves breastfeeding and could care less about the bottle or sippycup, usually he just takes those if I am working or away from him for awhile. He loves tablefood, especially macaroni and cheese, green beans, crackers, and ice cream! He rolls around like crazy, and loves playing with his toys. He also likes to destroy magazines and newspapers if they happen to be near him. He is starting to say dada and ball, and if he gets excited he can shreak very loudly and he gets really wiggly. He loves bathtime and having his teeth brushed, so I am excited to see how he does in the pool. He still wakes up about once during the night to nurse. He is getting better at sitting in the bumbo chair or playing in the exersaucer for short periods of time.  He has 6 teeth now, and a ton of blonde hair( it sticks up everywhere), and he weighs a little over 16 pounds. He loves his daddy, I think he will be a daddy’s boy. He loves watching his sisters and cousins play around him. He loves to grab my hair and sunglasses, he thinks it is so funny. I think he is the most laid back of my kids, and he doesn’t seem to mind anybody holding him, although he is starting to look for me when someone else holds him.   He does not like tummytime, peas, yogurt, or his johnny jumper toy.

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The biggest dog James ever met!


When we went to Wisconsin last week, James met our cousin’s dog, Nijjii, who is a Newfoundland. I think he weighs about 150 pounds!

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Happy Friday!



James went to his cardiologist yesterday for a follow-up echocardiogram. His ASD is still present, it is now only 5mm which is about half the size since his last check-up. Also, his enlarged heart is getting smaller, so we got lots of good news. Dr. Boone said to follow-up in about 6 months to check on things again. He is the nicest doctor, Jeremy and me really like him!

It is just a couple of weeks until his birthday party, I have been busy thinking of some ideas for his party, I can’t wait! Hopefully our pool will be ready soon for it, our replacement liner should be here in the next week or so. I found him a big, cool dumptruck (Tonka) that I am going to fill with chocolate dirt cake, and I am also going to make him a little cake for him to tear into. Our friend’s baby, Raegan, will be 1 tomorrow, so we are going to her birthday party and will hopefully have a nice weekend.

Today is the first day of babysitting my nephews for the summer, they are 10 and 12. I’m supposed to watch them 1 day a week for my sister,from about 7am-4pm. I thought it would be crazy having 5 kids and 2 dogs by myself, but it went okay, the kids played good together and we took a trip to the park ( it is 75 and sunny today, just beautiful!) I am wore out, and wish I could take a nap, but that’s not gonna happen!

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Head rocker

James has been rocking his head back and forth alot lately, it might be time for another run to the doctor’s office. Does this happen to anyone else’s babies? His therapist thinks it could be fluid in his ears, which he has had several problems with this year.

Abigail and James

Abigail and James

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Ava’s first bike




Look at her go, she loves her new bike and helmet!

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